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+370 6844 0839  +370 601 22 649

Payment and Insurance

Methods of payment

Your clinic can be paid for medical services provided using the following methods:

  • cash
  • payment cards
  • health insurance, which is a partner of the clinic

Services provided under a contract with the National Health Fund (VLK)

The clinic provides neurologist and cardiologist services that are reimbursed by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (PSDF) .


Registration for these services is compulsory via https://ipr.esveikata.lt/


More information will soon be available.

Health insurance

Your clinic has signed cooperation agreements with Lithuanian and foreign insurance companies.


The services offered by your clinic are paid for in accordance with the terms of the contract signed by the patient with the insurance company. If the patient is unable to provide their insurance details or if there are insufficient funds in the insurance account, or in other cases where the clinic cannot receive payment for the services through health insurance in accordance with the cooperative agreement’s insurance conditions, the patient is responsible for covering the cost of the services and must provide the necessary settlement documents to their health insurance company.


We have agreements with the following Lithuanian health insurance companies:

At the clinic you are also able to pay with TRICARE and SOS International insurance.



Please note that patients are required to pay for the personal healthcare services provided at the time of the visit. We recommend consulting your insurance company regarding the insurance limit available for payment of health care services, as well as information on which services are not reimbursed.  Your clinic is not responsible for insurance companies’ decisions regarding payment for healthcare services provided.

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